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Small team with big ambitions &
having fun

We are an established company with more than 10 years in the web software business. We're focusing on using modern web technologies to create high-quality extensions for WordPress & Joomla and we don't forget to have fun together. This is

We have also a cutting-edge translation SaaS for websites with multiple CMS integration. It's called Linguise and available at

Combining love
for technology with
love for support

Taking the time required

It takes time to develop something that is reliable for all clients in all environments. We're taking it because we love making the things right.

Passion for innovation

We constantly monitor and implement new framework, API to keep our solutions on top of their market.

Customer commitment

We're giving to every customer a dedicated support for their products while we ensure that we reduce the need for support with high-quality coding.

Working as a team

Every new product feature is a team effort from the code, through the testing, the marketing and the design. We constantly help each other.

Proud of our loyal team and
growing customer base

JoomUnited launched
Customers served
Members in the team

Learn from the best

Working with the biggest companies in the world is always good to improve your skill and motivation!

Here's some of them we've integrated our product with.

What we're working on: Linguise

Website automatic translation

Linguise is a cutting-edge translation SaaS for websites with many CMS integration.

We are always looking for smart,
enthusiastic people with fresh ideas
and a soft spot for technology!

What about the technical part?


We focus on the 2 main CMS on JoomUnited and implement modern frameworks on our extensions to provide the highest standard products. Linguise product is more SaaS oriented product.

  • Git
  • PHP Storm
  • NodeJS

  • Bitbucket

  • WordPress framework
  • Joomla framework
  • Final customer feedback

You got talent

You got experience, talent, want to learn something new everyday, get on board!

We have the strusture

Use GIT, PHP Storm and learn from experienced developers. We're always here to help!

Time to learn

Take time to learn new technologies, English or whatever you want to get better :)